About Cornerstone Christian School

Cornerstone Christian School exists to partner with parents in the academic, social and spiritual nurture of their children.

We seek to provide an opportunity for students to learn about their world and their purpose in the context of a biblically informed Christian worldview.

The school aims to provide an environment that encourages students to:
Recognize the lordship of God over His word

Discover their unique abilities Develop those graces and skills demonstrated in the life of Christ
The Bible describes Jesus’ growth and development in the following words:

“And Jesus matured, growing up in both body and spirit,
blessed by both God and people.” -Luke 2:53 (The Message)

We seek to help students develop in the same way. We will help students to develop their talents fully in all areas of academic, social, and artistic endeavor; and to exercise these God-given talents in God’s service and to His glory.
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