School Schedule

Students are supervised between the hours of 8:00 am-3:15 am. Therefore, please have your children present only during these hours daily. Children arriving before or after these times will be directed to the before & after school care area and parents will be charged for their care according to the established fee schedule.

Field Trips

Individual classes will plan at least two field trips each year. Currently, a field trip to the pumpkin patch will be scheduled for Kindergarten – Sixth Grade.  Look for specific dates on calendar.

Previous events

Date Event Location
First Parent-Teacher Fellowship (PTF) Meeting  
First Day of Hot Lunch  
First Day of School  
New Parent Orientation  
 —  — School Clean Up Day  
 —  — Uniform Exchange  
 —  — Thanksgiving Break-No School  
Veteran's Day-No School  
Half Day of School-Conferences  
Half Day of School-Conferences  
 —  — Fall Fest  
 —  — Half Day of School  
All School Pumpkin Patch Field Trip  
 —  — Annual Fall Fundraiser Dinner Gym-First Baptist Church Gym-First Baptist Church
First Day of School  
 —  — Uniform Exchange Prayer Room-First Baptist Church, Paradise Prayer Room-First Baptist Church, Paradise
2016-2017 Registration Due  
K Graduation and all school awards ceremony  
 —  — Last Day of School  
Picnic and Swim Day  
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